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A handy list of aerospace related links follows:

AEI Boeing/Airbus WTO Panel - With link to my presentation
AEI Boeing/Airbus WTO Panel, Version 2.0 - With link to my presentation, and to video of the event
Aero Market Outlook - Vago Muradian's Defense & Aerospace Report
Aerospace America - Lots of my articles are available on this site
Aerospace Competitive Economics Study - Performed for IAM751 and the Choose Washington New Mid-Market Airplane Council
Aerostrategy - A notable aviation management consulting group
Airbus Needs Another Big Step Towards Reform - blog
Airplane Geeks Podcast - Talking airplanes with Max Flight and Court Miller
Airplane Geeks Podcast - Third time with Max Flight and Co.
Airplane Geeks Podcast - Fifth visit with Max Flight and co.
Airplane Geeks Podcast - Third time with Max Flight and pals
Airplane Geeks Podcast - Fourth visit with Max Flight and co.
Airplane Geeks Podcast - Second time with Max Flight and Court Miller
Another Airplane Geeks podcast - Fourth time with Max Flight and co.
Aspire Aviation - Aviation commentary from Hong Kong and Singapore.
Australian Broadcasting comments-1 - Comments about the world air transport industry after the November 2001 AMR crash
Australian Broadcasting comments-2 - More comments on the state of the industry
Aviation Outlook Podcast - Benet Wilson's first Things With Wings Radio Show
Aviation Today Podcast - On the state of the aviation manufacturing industry
Aviation Week Articles - My recent Aviation Week columns can be accessed here. Some require a subscription.
AviationNow - My articles from Aviation Week, and other McGraw-Hill aviation related publications
Benet Wilson's blog - Fun and interesting.
Best Fighter Market In 27 Years - Aviation Week & Space Technology
Big picture market commentary video - Courtesy KPMG's UK Office
Boeing's Options After Its Legacy Military Aircraft Wind Down - blog
Brazil's Fighter Buy: That NSA Narrative Is Probably Wrong - blog
Business Jet Market Bifurcation Goes Into Overdrive - blog
CBS Comments - About the 747, and its future prospects
CNN Appearance - My July 2002 CNN air power comments
CNN Newsnight Appearance - Talking about the air transport industry
Comments to Canada's Report On Business TV about CSeries - Click the October 4 program--my segment starts about halfway through the show
Comments to Canada's Report On Business TV about the demise of the CSeries - Click the January 31 program
Comments to DefenseTech - About China's J-20
Comments to NPR's All Things Considered - On Independence Air
Comments to NPR's All Things Considered - On airlines and fuel
Defense News 100 Most Influential People In U.S. Defense - I'm honored to be #91
Defense News TV Appearance - With Vago Muradian
Diane Rehm Show appearance - Panel on the airline industry, Wednesday, June 9
DSCA Briefing - Briefing to DoD's Defense Security Cooperation Agency
Flightblogger - Jon Ostrower's brilliant 787 reporting
George Hamlin's site - A fellow aviation analyst who also takes great airplane photos
George Hamlin's site -
George Hamlin's site -
Industry Globalization Study - Link to Deep Integration: How Transatlantic Markets are Leading Globalization, published by the Center for European Policy Studies and Johns Hopkins University Center for Transatlantic Relations. Includes my chapter on the jetliner industry.
International Herald Tribune profile - All about me
Is Urban Air Mobility A Recipe For Financial Carnage? - Aviation Week & Space Technology
Jim Fallows' site - One of the best writers, increasingly focused on aviation.
JSF article from The Atlantic with my comments - Jim Fallow's seminal piece on JSF/F-35
Kevin Michael's Aviation Week column on the business jet market - Extremely smart perspective on the market's structural change...essential reading.
Kevin Michaels' Aviation Week Columns - My friend Kevin Michaels of ICFI has his Aviation Week columns archived here. Always interesting and smart.
Latest Tanker Comments - Flight International's Steve Trimble (The DEW Line blog)
Leeham Company - Scott Hamilton's website--a very useful resource
Link to Kevin Michael's AeroDynamic order page -
Live Conversation With the Seattle Times' Dominic Gates - Talking about the 797 and other jetliner matters.
Missing Malaysian Jet Is One Of Safest Airplane Models Ever Built - blog
Morgan Stanley A380 Debate and Analysis - My half takes the downside view
My Column Home Page - Aircraft Business
My Gerson Lehrman Group home page - GLG provides expertise for financial services firms.
My Guns-to-Caviar Index - Written up by Dan Gross on Slate
NAA Aircraft Market Presentation - Courtesy Aviation Week
Podcast: Airplanes And Airlines - RMWorldTravel With Robert & Mary Carey and Rudy Maxa
Podcast: Airplanes And Airlines - - RMWorldTravel With Robert & Mary Carey and Rudy Maxa
Podcast: Boeing's Trade Dispute, and the Industry's Future - Aviation Week & Space Technology
Podcast: Is the UAM Market Overhyped? - Aviation Week & Space Technology; With Graham Warwick and Joe Anselmo
Podcast: Putting Odds on Boeing's NMA - Aviation Week & Space Technology; With Kevin Michaels
Podcast: Why Boeing Just Canít Lose - Aviation Week & Space Technology
Presentation to the National Academy of Sciences ASEB Aero 2050 Symposium - My presentation starts just after 4:19
Protectionist Threat to Aviation? - Podcast with Aviation Week Editor Joe Anselmo and Air Transport World's Karen Walker
Recent VLJ comments - In Flight International
Teal Group - The official Teal Group web site
The Global Aerospace Industry: Size and Country Rankings - Joint Presentation With Aerodynamic Advisory
The Politicisation of Aerospace - Conversation With ADS's Jeegar Kakkad
TV Interview at the Paris Air Show - Canada's BNN
Upcoming speech: Association for Manufacturing Technology - October 20 in Miami
Upcoming Speech: National Aeronautic Association - January 17 in Washington DC
Upcoming Speech: National Aeronautic Association - January 23 in Washington DC
Upcoming Speech: Ontario Aerospace Council - November 28 in Toronto
Upcoming Speech: Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance - February 12-15 in Lynnwood, WA
Upcoming speech: WSU Economic Outlook Conference - October 6 in Wichita
Video: What's Going On In Aerospace at Farnborough - Aviation Week & Space Technology
VOA Appearance - About Airbus
Wall Street Journal Interview - On China's J-20 fighter
Walsh Aviation site - John Walsh's consulting company, a frequent Teal collaborator
Washington State Competitiveness Contract Award Announcement - My colleagues at Teal Group and I are honored by this.
Why Does It Still Take 5 Hours To Fly Cross-Country? - A Future Tense/New America Foundation Symposium. I'll be speaking.
Wichita Aero Club speech - Video and Slides
Will Brexit Be a Drag on Aerospace? - National Press Club Podcast from Farnborough

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