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Richard Aboulafia is Vice President, Analysis at Teal Group. He manages consulting projects for clients in the commercial and military aircraft field, and has advised numerous aerospace companies. He also writes and edits Teal's World Military and Civil Aircraft Briefing, a forecasting tool covering over 135 aircraft programs and markets. Richard also writes publicly about the aviation field, with numerous articles in Aviation Week, Aerospace America, and other publications. Frequently cited as an aviation industry authority by trade and news publications, he has appeared on numerous television news programs and has spoken at a wide variety of conferences.
July 22, 2019 :: Turkey After The F-35: Choice For Alternative Fighter Will Help Shape Country's Future -

July 11, 2019 :: Are Air Travelers Fated To Join Smokers As Pariahs? -

July 8, 2019 :: June 2019 Letter - Dear Fellow Tarmac Zombies,

This month, I had the pleasure of attending a globally famous aviation event. It attracted many companies, industry luminaries and others, all there to discuss important topics in what the attendees consider to be one of the most importan...   [More]

June 22, 2019 :: Podcast: Airplanes And Airlines - - RMWorldTravel With Robert & Mary Carey and Rudy Maxa

June 10, 2019 :: Raytheon-UTC Merger: Good Idea, But The Devil Lives In Details -

June 10, 2019 :: May 2019 Letter - Dear Fellow Divestiture Watchers,

The best way to create a medium-sized aircraft company is to start with a large one. Bombardier has spent the past month (and perhaps the least 14 years) proving that. The formerly mighty Canadian Aero Giant once sprawled over the wo...   [More]

June 9, 2019 :: Best Fighter Market In 27 Years - Aviation Week & Space Technology

May 5, 2019 :: April 2019 Letter - Dear Fellow Company Anthropologists,

To my deep regret, my only personal contact with Herb Kelleher, the great founder of Southwest Airlines who died in January, was, predictably, over a drink in a bar. As for any aviation fan, that moment made my list of career hi...   [More]

May 2, 2019 :: Four Key Questions About The Shrinking RJ Market - Aviation Week & Space Technology

April 11, 2019 :: It May Be Good For Boeing That Single-Aisle Jetliner Orders Are Terrible -

April 1, 2019 :: March 2019 Letter - Dear Fellow World-Weary World Watchers,

Useful phrase for Boeing people in China: Zhè gāo yú wǒ de gōngzī děngjí. If Google Translate works, that’s mandarin for “That’s above my pay grade.” Over the past few weeks, Boeing’s China sit...   [More]

March 20, 2019 :: Boeing’s Crisis Strengthens Beijing’s Hand - Foreign Policy

March 18, 2019 :: Why A Franco-German Fighter Is A Very Bad Idea - Aviation Week & Space Technology

March 18, 2019 :: Ugly As The 737 MAX Situation Is, Boeing Is Insulated By Airlines' Fear Of Missing Out -

March 16, 2019 :: Podcast: Airplanes And Airlines - RMWorldTravel With Robert & Mary Carey and Rudy Maxa

March 10, 2019 :: Podcast: Putting Odds on Boeing's NMA - Aviation Week & Space Technology; With Kevin Michaels

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