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Richard Aboulafia is Vice President, Analysis at Teal Group. He manages consulting projects for clients in the commercial and military aircraft field, and has advised numerous aerospace companies. He also writes and edits Teal's World Military and Civil Aircraft Briefing, a forecasting tool covering over 135 aircraft programs and markets. Richard also writes publicly about the aviation field, with numerous articles in Aviation Week, Aerospace America, and other publications. Frequently cited as an aviation industry authority by trade and news publications, he has appeared on numerous television news programs and has spoken at a wide variety of conferences.
May 4, 2016 :: Why I Was (Probably) Wrong On C Series - Aviation Week & Space Technology (paywall)

May 4, 2016 :: April 2016 Letter - Dear Fellow Necronomicon Readers,

One of the hardest decisions for anyone is whether or not to raise the dead. Countless cheesy 1950s horror flicks, coupled with the works of HP Lovecraft, clearly show that it is not a good idea. Yet sometimes it’s hard to resist t...   [More]

April 29, 2016 :: Why Does It Still Take 5 Hours To Fly Cross-Country? - A Future Tense/New America Foundation Symposium. I'll be speaking.

April 29, 2016 :: Speed Kills: Why planes aren’t getting any faster—and won’t any time soon - Slate

April 26, 2016 :: March 2016 Letter - Dear Fellow Global Conflict Observers,

Spend time on tall buildings in Tel Aviv, as I did recently, and you often hear the word “operation.” People say, “Looks like an operation” or “Some kind of operation” or “Must be an operation going on.” Jet fighter exh...   [More]

April 4, 2016 :: Boeing Jetliners' Artificial Crisis -

March 29, 2016 :: Boeing's MoM Jet: Single or Twin Aisle? - Aviation Week & Space Technology (paywall)

March 25, 2016 :: February 2016 Letter - Dear Fellow One-Person Procurement Agencies,

My car is ten years old. When I buy a new one, I’ll look at several brands. But I don’t think I’ll look at cars built by the Department of Motor Vehicles. For one, I don’t think the DMV builds cars. For another, it’s ...   [More]

February 15, 2016 :: Singapore Air Force’s Missing Puzzle Piece - Aviation Week & Space Technology (paywall)

February 3, 2016 :: January 2016 Letter - Dear Fellow 2016 Global Reality Avoiders,

To understand the aerospace industry, you should follow at least 100 companies. But to understand the world today, you just need to follow one aerospace company. You can see most of the horrible headlines that we’v...   [More]

January 22, 2016 :: Aircraft Markets Downshift; Dark Clouds Loom - Aviation Week & Space Technology (paywall)

January 20, 2016 :: For Airbus, There's Virtue In 'Unrealistic' Output Goals For New A320neo -

December 22, 2015 :: December 2015 Letter - Dear Fellow Year-End Industry Reckoners,

In my last year-end letter I compiled a list of 2014’s five winners and five losers in the aircraft industry. But my impression of the past year is somewhat mixed: I can think of companies that experienced both extremely good an...   [More]

December 1, 2015 :: Pratt Geared Turbofan Blazes Trail Of Disruption - Aviation Week & Space Technology (paywall)

December 1, 2015 :: November 2015 Letter - Dear Fellow World Airport Wanderers,

My profession has an easy sanity check. If a forecaster frequently uses the phrase If current trends continue…he needs a new career. Status quo bias is a toxic mindset, because current trends almost never...   [More]

November 13, 2015 :: Rolls-Royce's Long Road To A Difficult Week -

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