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Richard Aboulafia is Vice President, Analysis at Teal Group. He manages consulting projects for clients in the commercial and military aircraft field, and has advised numerous aerospace companies. He also writes and edits Teal's World Military and Civil Aircraft Briefing, a forecasting tool covering over 135 aircraft programs and markets. Richard also writes publicly about the aviation field, with numerous articles in Aviation Week, Aerospace America, and other publications. Frequently cited as an aviation industry authority by trade and news publications, he has appeared on numerous television news programs and has spoken at a wide variety of conferences.
July 9, 2020 :: June 2020 Letter - Dear Fellow Metaphorical Creature Taxonomists,

The Black Swan is massively overused as a cautionary creature. Instead, consider a better metaphor for our times: The Gray Rhino. Black Swans are unexpected and rare events, visible only in hindsight. Gray...   [More]

June 16, 2020 :: What If China Stops Buying Western Aircraft? - Aviation Week & Space Technology

June 10, 2020 :: May 2020 Letter - Dear Fellow Dark Cloud Dwellers,

Great news! My April note had a long list of good news about our industryís outlook in these very difficult times, and Ė again, great news Ė this monthís note, with the inevitable follow-on list of bad news is much short...   [More]

June 9, 2020 :: Will Coronavirus Sink Business Jets? Six Contradictory Indicators -

May 7, 2020 :: April 2020 Letter - Dear Fellow Nostalgics For An Age Yet To Come,

How bad are things? Bad enough that I feel the need to write a monthly letter with nothing but good news. I like being a contrarian, and we could all stand some good news right now. The situation is the grimmest Iíve s...   [More]

May 3, 2020 :: China Wonít Rescue Embraer. Boeing May Remain Its Best Hope. -

May 3, 2020 :: The Aviation Industry Canít Give In to the Temptation to Compete on Safety -

April 28, 2020 :: Winners And Losers In The Embraer-Boeing Breakup - Aviation Week & Space Technology

April 27, 2020 :: RM World Travel Discussion - With Robert and Mary Carey

April 6, 2020 :: Six Things To Expect As Plane Makers Enter A Harrowing Downturn -

March 27, 2020 :: March 2020 Letter - Dear Fellow Former Airport Frequenters,

The worst thing a company can possibly put on its board, or on its executive leadership team, is an ex-politician. Politicians can be pompous, of course, and they also apply a one-size-fits-all ideology to problems tha...   [More]

March 26, 2020 :: Why Chinaís Aviation Bounce-Back May Disappoint - Aviation Week & Space Technology

March 23, 2020 :: February 2020 Letter - Dear Fellow Involuntary Distant Socializers,

This letter is late for a simple reason: itís hard to write when you feel like youíre rolling down a steep hill. The Coronavirus crisis began as a distant problem but has since become a full-blown disaster. At first, aviatio...   [More]

March 20, 2020 :: Podcast: Coronavirus And Other Black Swans - Aviation Week & Space Technology; With Kevin Michaels, Joe Anselmo, Michael Bruno, and Guy Norris

March 20, 2020 :: Six Ways Coronavirus Could Hurt Aviation Over The Long Term -

February 14, 2020 :: January 2020 Letter - Dear Fellow Listicle Fans,

Itís time for my almost-annual list of good and bad aviation developments in the previous year. This was not the best year. And, since I waited until early February to write this, we can incorporate an awful January into the calendar of atroci...   [More]

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